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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Plane food: Air New Zealand

On our recent long weekend in Wellington we flew Air New Zealand. With a flight time of approximately three and a half hours, just a short hop across the Tasman, a full meal wasn't served.

Plane food: Air New Zealand

On the way over to Welly, we were served a light dinner. We were right at the back of the plane and it took SO LONG before we got food. I was starving and the food smells wafting out of the kitchen at the back didn't help!

One meal choice was shepherd's pie and potato salad, and the other wasn't memorable because I can't recall it! The shepherd's pie was a cottage pie (beef mince rather than lamb mince) and was actually rather good. The pastry was light, and the filling was adequately seasoned. There was, naturally, a packet of tomato sauce provided. The potato salad was less successful and needed a bit more zing (some mayo would've been great!) - and I did wonder about serving a potato topped pie with more potatoes on the side. Carb city!

Plane food: Air New Zealand

Dessert was a slice of cake, wrapped in plastic. I wanted to wait until I had a cup of tea before eating it, but, just like when getting our meal, tea and coffee took aaaaaaaages. I never have been good with resisting when the food is right in front of me! The presentation of the cake slice was rather average, but happily it tasted better than it looked. It was moist and light, and nicely vanilla flavoured.

The flight went pretty smoothly, apart from the descent into Wellington when the wind buffeted the plane. It was all rather familiar. The runway in Wellington is quite short, being sandwiched between two areas of sea. Along with the frequent gusts of wind, landing there can be rather unpleasant! I have had some horrible landings in Welly, but fortunately it was relatively smooth on this trip.

Have a look at the video for some unpleasant landings!

Plane food: Air New Zealand

On the way home, the flight left at the ungodly hour of 6.30am. On the up side, this meant that I was tired enough to sleep most of the way home! I did wake up for breakfast though. The choices were between a warm breakfast, a ham and egg croissant, or a cold continental breakfast. The croissant was passable - flaky, but a tad dry.

Plane food: Air New Zealand

There was also a small chocolate chip muffin provided. It was just okay, and despite appearances it wasn't as nice as the cake slice on the trip over.

Plane food: Air New Zealand

There was also a small fruit salad of pineapple and orange.

All in all, the food was average but it was perfectly fine for the short flight. The planes were looking a tad tired, but we arrived home safely - and in the end that's the important thing!

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