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Monday, January 19, 2009

Green Tea and Turkish Delight

Green tea and Turkish Delight

Today is my last day of sick leave. It's back to work and the daily grind tomorrow! My mouth has healed quite well, and I'm pretty much eating normal food again - although I probably should have stuck to soft food for longer. I just couldn't bear it any longer!

Since it's my last day lazing about at home, rather than drink my tea out of a mug like I normally do, I decided to use a nice teapot and cup and saucer. I bought them second-hand for peanuts, and I think they're gorgeous!

Green tea and Turkish Delight

Later, I'll probably eat a piece or two of Turkish Delight that I purchased yesterday from the South Melbourne Market. It's nice Turkish Delight, soft and jelly-like, with just a hint of rose. I tried making Turkish Delight once, and it was a hideous, hideous disaster. Lesson learned - not everything is better home made!

Green tea and Turkish Delight

Now, despite the climbing temperature, I'm off to bake a banana cake. The amount of bananas in my freezer is starting to push out all other foods and I need to do something with them!

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