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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Food bloggers meet at the Commoner

At the Commoner

We spent several hours on Saturday afternoon at The Commoner hanging out with other food bloggers, thanks to the organisational efforts of Duncan, Sarah and Thanh.

It was great to see bloggers from previous meets as well as seeing some new faces. As to be expected with a large bunch of people who love food, everyone bought a lot of delicious stuff to eat. Somehow I didn't end up taking many photos of it - perhaps I was too busy chatting/eating? So I'll leave you with those who have covered it better than I can:


At the Commoner

And a big thanks to the great staff at The Commoner, who not only let us use their court yard, but fired up the pizza oven, showed us how to use it, provided serving utensils and plates, and were extremely accommodating! What a fab place!

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