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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ladies who lunch: Gills Diner

It’s been a long time between Ladies Lunches. Last month I caught up with my friend Emily for a spontaneous lunch. We met at Journal Canteen, but unfortunately it was chock-a-block when we arrived, so we wandered up to Gills Diner instead.

And what a good idea that was! We had a wonderful lunch.

Gills Diner

(Excuse the exceptionally shit phone camera pics. Just try and think of the strange blurry, smudgy parts as "artistic".)

I had one of the specials – a very wintery dish of braised ox tail and mashed potato. I must've zoned out when the waiter was describing the dish to me because I thought he said ox tail and grilled cheek. But I'm pretty sure that grilled reddish thing was tongue. Either way, it was very good - all tender meat and dark, savoury sauce.

Gills Diner

Em and I shared dessert: lemon delicious pudding with vanilla ice cream. We were warned that it would take 15 minutes to make - and oh boy was it worth the wait. The pudding was divine! The top was a delicate lemon sponge, and underneath the sponge was a tangy lemon sauce. The ice cream was also delicious and flecked with vanilla seeds. We savoured dessert right to the last spoonful and I had a touch of regret that we hadn't ordered one each!

See a previous visit to Gills Diner here.

Gills Diner
Gills Alley (rear of 360 Little Collins St)
Phone: (03) 9670 7214

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