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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lunch at Horoki

Note: This is a scheduled post. Alastair and I are still in Japan and will be off to HK in the next couple of days!

At my old job, JC (a colleague) and I would tally up favours that we would do for each other. We would mark up the favours on a whiteboard, and from the beginning I was waaaaaaaaaay out in front.

JC offered to take me to lunch before I left work. I'm sure it was a way to equalise the favours board but I never say no to a lunch!


We went to Horoki. During lunchtime, they do a lunch platter for $13.90. You choose rice or bread, and then you pick three items off a list of about ten items. For an extra $2 you can also have a bowl of miso soup.

I choose....


The tuna and tofu salad - discs of lovely soft tofu, flaked tuna and salad. I loved the dressing on top - a sweetish, nutty, sesame sauce.


The mini scotch fillet steak with onion sauce. Some tender beef and a bit of green!


And the salmon and spinach croquettes - deep fried mashed potato with salmon and spinach.

I think it's a great value lunch. Even though the servings of the three items are small, it's just the right amount for lunch. Everything is tasty and beautifully presented.

Read about a previous visit to Horoki here

19 Liverpool St
Melbourne 3000
Phone: 9663 2227

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