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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Japan: Miyajima – kakidon

Continuing the Japan posts - our next stop after Osaka was Hiroshima. From Hiroshima, we did a day trip to Miyajima.


Miyajima, offically named Itsukushima, is a small island that is most famous for its giant torii gate which appears to float on top of the ocean at high tide. I'm sure everyone has seen photos of it - it's very recognisable.

Ticket for one, please.

Lots of wild deer roam around the island. However, the deer are very accustomed to people and, due to their tameness, have become very naughty. Their lack of fear, combined with their love of eating paper, means that they will often “attack” people for pamphlets, maps or bags.


We saw one deer eat a hole in someone's paper bag, and another deer nibbling on a women's sweater. I was quite amused to see it, but the deer smelt pretty bad and I wouldn’t have let one come that close to me!


We had a walk around the island, checking out the very famous torii gate, and Itsukushima shrine. This woman had brought her dog to the island to take pictures of it. She didn't even bother with taking one with the gate in the background!


Both the gate and Itsukushima shrine are built over water, and the shrine consists of multiple buildings that are connected with each other by boardwalks above the sea. It was nice enough, but we were a bit "shrined out" by this stage after seeing numerous shrines already.

Kaki don

But one thing that we never get bored of is food! So after checking out the shrine, we had lunch at a small restaurant on the island. I had kakidon – oyster omelette on rice. The oysters, even though they would have been frozen ones at that time of year, were sweet, plump and juicy. Delicious!

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