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Sunday, December 7, 2008


One sunny but slightly chilly Sunday, we went looking for a good brunch option. We came across Sugarbeat, a small (or intimate, if you prefer an euphemism) café in Ascot Vale.


Bro had the Catalan eggs ($13) – fried eggs topped with chorizo and corn salsa. The chorizo had a fair kick to it! And check out that yolk just about bursting out of it's skin.


I had the Bedouin eggs ($13). These were poached eggs with green harissa, spinach, feta and dukka on top of toasted Turkish bread. The harissa was pretty spicy, which I LOVED but I think some people would find it a bit much. The egg yolks were still nice and oozy - I love letting the yolk soak into toast. Yum!


Alastair had a toasted tortilla wrap ($11) – filled with egg, bacon and a bit of spinach and some salad on the side.

On the whole we had a nice brunch, but I do have one small criticism - our food was a bit cold. It didn't help that we were sitting outside in a bit of a breeze, but the food didn't seem very warm to begin with. But apart from that, we enjoyed it. As an added bonus, even my Bro thought that Sugarbeat was good. He is very picky about our brunch options, as it's hard for cafes to measure up to our favourite, but Sugarbeat received a tick of approval. Hooray!

5A North St
Ascot Vale 3032 VIC
Phone: (03) 9372 7118

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