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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

What I've been eating

I've been trying to play catch up with things ever since we got back. It took me six weeks, but I have finally caught up with all my RSS feeds. I had 1000+ items when we returned, and finally they're all gone! Gone!!

I have a few food images that don't warrant a full post, so here's a quick pictorial of things I've been eating in the past few weeks.

Seared tuna with green bean salad

Piadina Slowfood
57 Lonsdale St
Melbourne 3000 VIC
Phone: (03) 9662 2277

I had a leisurely lunch at Piadina Slowfood. It was a warm day so I was able to snag a table outside. I had the pan seared yellowfin tuna with green bean salad.

Seared tuna with green bean saladPiadina Slowfood

The tuna was covered in sesame seeds and just seared so it was pink and moist in the middle. The beans and salad had just the right amount of a soy and ginger dressing. I finished off my meal with a caramelly flat white. What a lunch!

Yong tau foo

Grand BBQ
Target Centre Arcade
236 Bourke Street, Melbourne

Another lunch, not quite as leisurely, was yong tau foo from Grand BBQ. You can choose 6 pieces of yong tau foo, then make a choice between vermicelli, hor fun, hokkein or egg noodles. Finally there's a decision on soup – clear, curry or tom yum. I choose eggplant, chilli, fish cake, fish ball, stuffed tofu and a dumpling. I didn't realise that the chilli was a spicy one. What I actually wanted was a piece of capsicum but I had a moment of decision panic. Doh! I love chilli, but this was a bit much.

The only thing harder than deciding on the six items was finding a seat. They were busy!

Chillipadi - nasi lemak

Shop OE7, Menzies Alley, Melbourne Central
211 La Trobe Street,, Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9663-5688

We had a late dinner at Chillipadi, where I couldn't go past the nasi lemak. I loved the way it was presented, but it wasn't quite as good as other ones I've had. The pickles weren't as tangy as I like but the rendang was tasty and fragrant.


We were very childish and entertained ourselves by drawing on the paper covering the table. Okay lah!

Pub Burger

George Hotel
139 Cecil Street, South Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9686 5655

I had a massive pub burger from the George Hotel. The meat pattie could've used a bit more seasoning, but the chips were surprisingly good. I don't usually like thin fries much, but these were crunchy and moreish. I couldn't finish the burger because I was concentrating on the chips.

Brown rice fritters

For dinner one evening I used left over brown rice to make rice fritters. I combined the rice with some grated vegetables, egg, a bit of flour and soy sauce, before shaping them into patties and rolling them in breadcrumbs. They were very tasty.

Stir fried beef and cabbage with szechuan pepper

Another dinner was a stir fry of beef and cabbage with szechuan pepper. There was a bit too much szechan pepper and it numbed my tongue. Gak!

Mango and blueberries

And finally, I've been really enjoying some summer fruits - cherries, lychees, and raspberries as well as blueberries and mangoes. Delicious!

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