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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Harvest picnic at Hanging Rock

Last Sunday we went out to Hanging Rock for the annual Harvest Picnic. I had given the Boys a leaving time before we went to bed, but unfortunately my Bro was a touch hungover and needed a bit of prodding. It was a slower start than I wanted, but eventually we climbed into the car and headed off.

45 minutes later we had arrived and parked (in a paddock). All around us were people pulling chairs, baskets and eskies out of their cars. It was our first time to the Harvest Picnic, and we felt very under prepared carrying a single picnic blanket!

We had a wander around before deciding on what we were going to buy/eat. Typical of these type of events, there were lots of stalls offering samples/tastes of wine, cheese, spices, preserves and oils. There were also quite a few stalls where you could buy different things to eat.

Buffalo sausage

The Boys had a buffalo sausage. I sampled some buffalo cheese, which was rather good. I didn't buy any though.


They also had a caffeine fix. I'm told it was average coffee, but then what can you expect from a portable stand?

Making gozleme

I had a lamb, cheese and spinach gozleme. There was a big queue by the time I got to the stand but I entertained myself by watching them being made.


The gozleme was a tad salty, but got scoffed down pretty quickly.

Chicken pie

Bro had a chicken pie. It looked awesome but I'm told it was just okay.

Prawn and calamari skewers

We also had a calamari skewer and a sweet chilli prawn skewer. I'm not a fan of sweet chilli, but the prawns were actually really good. They tasted more garlicky than the usual sickly sweetness that sweet chilli has. The calamari wasn't so great though – by the time I walked them back to where our picnic blanket was located they were cold and a tad tough.

Smoked salmon plate

And last I also bought a smoked salmon plate to share. A couple of pieces of pide, a fair amount of smoked salmon, pickled onions, gherkins and some tartare sauce. I somehow managed to inhale the vinegar fumes when I was eating the pickled onions and it gave me a big coughing fit!

To finish off, I had a nice piece of Turkish delight that I neglected to take a photo of. It was rather nice, but not the best Turkish delight I've ever eaten. I'm not a huge fan of Turkish delight, but I once ate a piece that was super smooth and silky. I'm still trying to relive that moment.

We also went home with a few items - some fresh mushrooms, 3 blocks of cheese (two cheddar and one blue), and some spices and dukkah. I've been eating little pieces of cheese every day since we got back. Now I remember why I don't buy nice cheese unless there's an occasion. I eat too much of it!

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