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Monday, August 11, 2008

Blush Foodroom - Happy Birthday, Bro!

It was Bro's birthday on Friday - 08/08. How lovely that the Olympics were scheduled especially to celebrate his birthday!

On Friday night, we went to Blush Foodroom to kick off the eating weekend. Blush is located on a corner, in a cottage that was once a milk bar. Nowadays, it's a split-level restaurant that also does a busy trade during weekend brunch time.

You may notice a strange blue twinge in my photos - it's from a blue light that was outside the window.

Blush Foodroom

Alastair and I started off with the pork belly – twice cooked, served on a ginger and apple puree, with sesame seeds, spring onion and snow pea salad ($16.90). The pork belly was lovely and tender – initially I thought it was a tad salty, but it was just right when eaten with a bit of apple puree. The best part was the piece of crackling – like a salty pork chip! Yum!

Blush Foodroom

Pat had one of the specials – pea and ham soup served with a dijon crouton. I have a wee issue with peas (I don't like them) so I didn't have a taste.

Blush Foodroom

For mains, I had the Moroccan braised veal shanks on saffron mash, roasted baby root vegetables and served with a red peppercorn sauce ($31.90). Wow, this was huge! I found the meat very tender, but lacking in flavour. I would've liked a bit more oomph, particularly for something that was "Moroccan braised". At least the mash was smooth and creamy.

Blush Foodroom

Pat and Alastair had the herb and garlic crusted lamb rump with dauphinois potatoes, orange and thyme braised fennel and crispy prosciutto served with a port wine jus ($31.90).

Blush Foodroom

And then, dessert. We all had separate ones (must have been feeling greedy that night). Alastair had the sticky date pudding ($13.50). The Boys decided that sticky date pudding is the best dessert - I don't know if I agree with that assertion. I think creme brulee might be a winner for me. But Alastair's sticky date pudding looked pretty good, particularly with the slowly melting ice cream....

Blush Foodroom

Bro had the cheesecake ($11.90) - on the menu it was raspberry and vanilla, but he was advised that it was unavailable and it was substituted with a Bailey's version instead. It came with coffee bean syrup and caramelised banana.

Blush Foodroom

I had a chocolate and macadamia nut mousse with strawberry sauce and white chocolate ice cream ($12.90). The mousse was rich and smooth and I even enjoyed the ice cream, despite my general dislike of white chocolate. I also loved the crunchy chopped macadamia on top of the mousse too.

We spent the rest of the weekend eating. Stay tuned for more birthday eating adventures!

Blush Foodroom
43 Epsom Rd
Kensington 3031 VIC
Phone: (03) 9376 1222

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