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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Congee and chili sauce

Noodles and chili sauce

We love spicy food in my house. I've been on the lookout for a good chili sauce/oil recipe for quite some time. I wanted something that wasn't just spicy, but that was also fragrant and tasty. One evening I dedicated a couple of hours on google searching for a recipe that would be similar to what I had in mind. Eventually, I came across this recipe for a Vietnamese-Style Sate Chile Sauce on Viet World Kitchen.

It sounded like what I was envisioning so I cooked up a batch. I ended up with two jars of it - a small one (pictured above) and a larger one.

Well that was less than a fortnight ago, and I'm going to have to make more this weekend. Yes, it was that good! Bro and I have been eating it by the tablespoon - putting it on almost everything.


The day after I made the chili sauce, Bro made congee in my "magic pot". When Mum and Dad visited us recently, they brought with them a thermal pot so we could make congee (you can make congee in a normal pot, but they said it turns out better in a thermal pot as there's no danger of it burning). Bro and I have already had "discussions" about who owns the magic pot (ME!!). We shared our toys when we were younger but we're not sharing this pot!

To go with the congee, I cooked up some noodles, mostly for Alastair as he doesn't like congee. I was happy to make something extra because it meant that I could eat more of the chili sauce - yum!

On congee: I don't have a recipe for congee - it's one of those dishes where there's a basic idea that can be varied as much as you like. This page has some useful tips on the basics. Bro made his congee by soaking the uncooked rice overnight, and then the rice was cooked in chicken stock in the magic pot. He added chicken meat just before serving (he reheated the congee on the stove to cook the meat of course). It was delicious. I also have fond memories of congee flavoured with bacon bones that my Mum used to make. Maybe some of you have a favourite congee recipe/variation?

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