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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Siblings who lunch: Maha

On the Friday before Australia Day, Bro took the day off, so we organised to have lunch in the city. Rather than going for cheap Asian again (like the other lunches we'd had recently), we went down to Maha Bar & Grill.

After looking at the rather awkwardly sized lunch menu we decided to go for a soufra (banquet). There are 3 options available – two courses for $35, three courses for $40 and four courses for $45. We decided that we didn't want dessert and choose the two course option.


Not too long after we had ordered, the first course came out on a wooden board. On the board there was a selection of mezze: marinated olives, char grilled eggplant, warm and crunchy runner beans, rather good hummus, cucumber topped with harissa and a feta-ish cheese, a carrot salad, and pita bread.

Everything was really tasty, and I particularly liked the cucumber - it was a great way of serving a mostly disinteresting vegetable! Almost everything can be jazzed up with spiciness and cheese!


We didn't wait long for the second course, which also came out on a wooden board. On the board was butterfish with pinenuts and pomegranante seeds, fattoush, chargrilled lamb mince balls with heirloom tomatoes, capscium dip, cous cous with raisins, and more pita bread.


The smokey, garlicky lamb balls were nicely spiced, charred on the outside, and served quite raw in the middle - the capscium dip complimented them well. I enjoyed the heirloom tomatoes, and since Bro doesn't like raw tomatoes I got to eat them all!


The butterfish (at the back) was also very good, perfectly cooked and juicy.


Bro and I both really, really enjoyed our lunch. The amount of food was just right and, more importantly, delicious. At lunch it's particularly good value - at dinner it's a bit more expensive. Judging by the meal we had though, I'm sure it would still be worth it!

Maha Bar & Grill
21 Bond Street, Melbourne
Phone: (03) 9629 5900

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