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Friday, October 2, 2009

Dinner at Horoki

Note: This is a scheduled post, Alastair and I are currently eating our way through Japan!

A couple of weeks ago, Alastair and I had dinner with Maria and Daz at Horoki. We ordered several dishes to share.


The first item out was a sashimi and daikon salad. The salad consisted of finely shredded daikon, salad, shredded seaweed, cherry tomatoes, fish roe and soy based dressing. Around the sides of the salad was several pieces of sashimi. The salad was great - crispy, salty, and fresh. I particularly loved the bursts of salty flavour that the seaweed provided.


Next was octopus in garlic butter. This was served with bread - perfect for soaking up all that garlicky buttery goodness!


We ordered four stuffed chicken wings (styled by Maria!). The wings had been deboned and stuffed with leeks (?) and... I forget what else! I do remember that they were juicy and delicious.


This isn't something that I normally would have ordered, but I'm glad that Maria and Daz did! This is the Teriyaki chicken pizza. The thin crispy base was topped with cheese, teriyaki chicken, seaweed and spring onions.


We ordered two serves of the soft shell crab. Goodness knows what has happened with the photo! The soft shell crab had been battered, deep fried and was served with a lemon mayonnaise. We knew when we ordered that we would enjoy it - hence the two serves - and it met our expectations. Yum.


And last came the roast duck and eggplant - slices of roast duck laid out on slices of eggplant and in a dark plumish(?) type sauce.

I really like the food at Horoki and thoroughly enjoyed dinner.

Read about a previous visit to Horoki here

19 Liverpool St
Melbourne 3000
Phone: 9663 2227

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