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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pocky / Pejoy series: Blueberry Cheese Double Pretz

After our time in Japan (I only have a couple more posts to go!), Alastair and I spent 5 days in Hong Kong and China. While in China, I noticed in the supermarket that there were lots and lots of Pocky and Pejoy flavours (there were probably tons in Japan too, but I wasn't on the look out). You can buy Pocky in Australia, but not many flavours - normally just chocolate, strawberry, plus a couple of others.

Pocky and Pejoy are biscuit stick snacks made by the Japanese confectionery company, Glico. Pocky sticks are dipped in a variety of flavoured creams, while Pejoy contains the flavoured cream inside the stick. There is also Pretz, which are usually savoury with no cream coating.


Bro went to HK a couple of weeks after we returned, and I asked him to bring me back some Pocky and Pejoy. Lo and behold, he came back with a mountain of various flavours! I’ll do a post each time I try one of the flavours.

Blueberry Cheese Double Pretz

The first flavour I tried was neither Pocky nor Pejoy - not off to a brilliant start for a Pocky/Pejoy series! Anyway, the first box was the Blueberry Cheese Double Pretz. It’s “Double” Pretz rather than normal Pretz because there is a small line of flavour piped along the length of the biscuit stick, as well as the stick being flavoured with the blueberry cheese (I assume!).

Blueberry Cheese Double Pretz

The Pretz had a touch of sweetness, with a fake blueberry flavour. The blueberry was similar to a flavour that you would find in bubblegum, but quite mild.

I enjoyed them and found them very moreish. One thing that I really liked was how the sticks were only slightly sweet – there was a savouriness to the biscuit stick that made me want to keep eating them! I nearly polished off the whole box in one sitting. Thumbs up for this flavour!

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