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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cookbook Challenge: Week 12, Eggs

Oozy egg ravioli

Recipe: Oozy egg ravioli
From: Cook with Jamie

Eggs are stupid,
Eggs are dumb,
So take the eggs
And stick em up your........


The theme for this week's Cookbook Challenge is "eggs" and I actually don't think eggs are stupid nor dumb. I love eggs! My favourite way of eating them is poached, with a still oozy yolk. Which is probably why I decided on this recipe.

For the theme this week, I made fresh pasta (with eggs) and turned the pasta into oozy egg ravioli. Double the egginess right there. I think I remember seeing this ravioli on the Fifteen reality show, and I remember it looking very impressive.

The recipe involves first making the pasta, and then rolling it out (or putting it through a pasta machine) into thin sheets. A tablespoon of seasoned ricotta is placed down, and an egg yolk is placed on top.

Oozy egg ravioli

Here's one ravioli ready for the top sheet of pasta - look at that beautiful yolk. After the yolk is placed, the ravioli is sealed, and then cooked for a few minutes, before being covered in a butter sauce and topped with some pepper and a smattering of parmesan.

While making the ravioli isn't complicated, it is a bit of effort putting them together. You have to be quite careful not to break the egg yolks - I broke two, gaaaah. The only change I made from the recipe was to put some sage leaves into the butter.

Oozy egg ravioli>

Ideally, only cooking the pasta for a few minutes will leave the yolk still runny. And ahhh yes, so it did. It does look good with the gooey yolk. I'm not sure I would bother making them again, but I'm glad I tried it at least once!

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Oozy egg ravioli

Check out the recipe for making fresh pasta and also the oozy egg ravioli here (the pasta recipe is the second one down, and the ravioli is the last recipe) - saves me from having to type it out!

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