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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Belgian Waffles

When we went to Auckland, there was only one thing that I wanted to take back. My mum's waffle maker.

We bought the waffle maker over 10 years ago, and I have many fond waffle memories. I've had a look for a waffle maker here in Oz, but have only seen one that shapes them like a penguin. Wtf? So I was happy that our visit to mum and dad's meant I could finally have waffles again!

First weekend back from Auckland, and waffles was on the menu! I found a recipe on from here. It contains yeast, so a fair amount of time is required - over an hour before the waffles are ready to be cooked. I prepared the batter the night so that it was all ready to go in the morning.

The waffles weren't very sweet, so they definitely needed some icing sugar or syrup. And they weren't as thick as I wanted, but I think that's the fault of my waffle maker. With all the extra effort that went into a yeast batter, I'm not entirely sure it was worthwhile. Next time I'll have to try a baking powder batter to decide whether yeast is worth the time and energy.

Oh, and the recipe made a GAZILLION waffles. (If you want to be accurate, gazillion = 15.) Alastair never eats more than me, unless he's ingesting pancakes, waffles, french toast and cake. He managed 3 and a half, but his appetite for sweet brunches is astounding and I would suggest that two is probably a more normal number to eat.

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