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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Cafe Plum: revisited

Another weekend, another visit to Cafe Plum. This visit, there were a couple of interesting specials on the board. My Bro and I went for the specials, while Alastair had ricotta hotcakes with bacon and maple syrup.

Durkah crusted poached eggs on white bean brais with mint & chili oil

This was my Bro's brunch (I copied the name straight from the board - a rather long title for a meal!). He said it was, "Awesome!" and gave it two thumbs up. Apparently the beans were very soft, and the mint and chili went very well together.

Fancy Bubble and Squeak with poached eggs and tomato chutney

This was my brunch - rather than vegetables cooked with mashed potato it was actually a vegetable fritter. It had diced potato, peas, pumpkin and spring onions. The poached eggs were wonderful - I wish I had taken a photo of the yolk running down the fritters. That, and I wish I hadn't screwed up the focus. Gaah.

Another visit, another mostly good brunch. I say mostly, because one of Alastair's hotcakes were still gooey and uncooked in the middle. Maybe the assistant cooked those!

Cafe Plum
193 Flemington Rd, North Melbourne 3051
Ph: (03) 9329 8867

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