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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Food I've been eating

Yey! It's time for another food round up post (aka I've got a backlog of photos).

So what have I been eating? Well, it appears that eggs have been featuring heavily.

Boiled eggs

There's been boiled eggs with toast soldiers.

Scrambled eggs

There's been scrambled eggs topped with feta, cooked Gordon Ramsey style.

Scrambled eggs

And served on toast, of course. I really like toast! If I lived by myself, I could see myself having cheese on toast for dinner most nights.

It's a good thing I have people to cook for!

Check out the video for Gordon Ramsey's explanation on how to make the perfect scrambled eggs.

Savoury French Toast

More egg (and bread) - one weekend I made savoury French toast. I put some grated cheese in the middle of two slices of bread, squished the bread flat, and then dunked the sandwiches into an egg mixture before pan frying. Yum!

Speaking of French toast, I have a post coming up where I'll tell you about the brunch where we had the most sublime French toast EVER. Also known as the brunch where I got blog outed!

Pot roast

Moving away from eggs, one weekend we had a beef pot roast for dinner. It looks strangely glossy, and I promise that I haven't being doing strange things like varnishing my food to take photos. I think it's glossy due to the gravy that I poured over.

I thought the meat was just okay - but the carrots and celery were super tasty!


With the pot roast we also had this potato thing. Sliced garlic was softened in butter in a frying pan, then I layered thinly sliced potatoes on top with more butter. After cooking on the stove for a while, the whole thing went under the grill to cook the top. Garlic, potato, butter... I would have to hang up my apron if it had turned out anything less than scrumptious. (Fortunately it was brilliant!)

Oxtail ragu

This is oxtail ragu on brown pasta. The last time I cooked oxtail, Alastair decided that it weirded him out and didn't want to eat it (even though he's eaten it before). Next time I make it, I'm going to take the meat off the bone and tell him it's normal beef!


And finally, this bowl was the last of the quinoa I had in the house. I know quinoa is very nutritious, and I've tried very hard to like it - but I just don't. So no more quinoa - huzzah!

Boiled eggs
Here's another shot of boiled eggs, because I like it, and I need to take my mind off quinoa. Note the gooey yolk - perfect for dunking toast soldiers!

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