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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Egg Tarts

Egg tarts

My dad was a baker for a while when I was young. He rarely baked at home, but sometimes he would go a bit crazy and one of the things that he would bake was egg tarts. Dozens and dozens of egg tarts. They would line the benches, glistening and warm, and the house would be filled with their aroma.

My Bro and I never appreciated them and would only eat a few. "Not MORE egg tarts," we would proclaim, as if egg tarts just fell from the sky. Gosh it can be hard to impress young children.

Now that I think back, I want to smack my younger self. How could I have not appreciated them at the time? I LOVE egg tarts. I should have always loved egg tarts. No yum cha visit is complete without finishing off with their sweet eggy goodness.

I didn't bake the tarts above - they're from Maxim's. But I did eat them (all of them.... ahem), and to make up for past sins I made sure that I appreciated every bite!

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