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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Buffs - Apollo Bay + the 12 Apostles

Loch Ard GorgeLoch Ard Gorge

When my parents were here for a visit, we did the drive down the Great Ocean Road to the Twelve Apostles. The weather was lovely when we set out in the morning, and also when we stopped in Apollo Bay for lunch. However, by the time we got to the Twelve Apostles, it was pissing down and bitterly cold. We hadn't been expecting the weather, so hadn't bought heavy coats with us. The wind and rain meant that we piled out of the car, quickly walked to the look out, took a couple of photos and then high tailed it back to the warmth of the vehicle!

Twelve ApostlesThe Twelve Apostles (or however many are left)

On the way to the Twelve Apostles, we stopped in Apollo Bay to stretch our legs and have some lunch. Normally when we're in an unfamiliar place we wander around looking at the cafes/restaurants for a while - and then end up back at the first one we looked at! Strangely, on this occasion we were very decisive and stepped into the first cafe we came across - Buffs.

As it was still early for lunch, we got a table without any problems. The cafe/restaurant looked comfortable rather than stylish, with lots of wood panelling, a few funky lamps, and strange art on the walls.

Buffs - Apollo Bay

For my meal I had the spinach and ricotta gnocchi with roasted tomato, baby spinach, pinenuts and black olives ($15.50). Oh. My. God. Who spewed on my plate? Yes, that was my thought when the plate arrived at the table. Fortunately, while the presentation left a lot to be desired, it tasted much better than it looked. While the gnocchi wasn't the best I've ever eaten, it was perfectly acceptable – relatively light and the topping had strong flavours that helped balance out all that cheese.

Buffs - Apollo Bay

Bro had the seafood chowder with fresh local seafood cooked in a bacon and potato soup ($23). It looks great - I think he would've preferred it to be a little less watery, but it was full of tasty seafood and flavour.

Buffs - Apollo Bay

Alastair had the fish and chips - fish fillets in a beer batter with chips and greek salad ($17.50). The fish looked crispy but I didn't have a taste.

Buffs - Apollo BayBuffs - Apollo Bay

Mum had the warm chicken salad with a spicy plum dressing ($14.50) and my aunt had the open steak sandwich ($15). While they were visiting, my aunt and my mum kept encouraging me to take food photos. I think they thought it was a harmless exercise that kept me happy so they were keen to play along! Dad, on the other hand, was feeling contrary that day and wouldn't let me take a photo of his food.

Buffs - Apollo Bay

We finished off lunch with a round of coffees. I was expecting the coffee to be terrible. I have no idea why (maybe because I'm a city snob??) but I was very pleasantly surprised.

51 Great Ocean Rd
Apollo Bay VIC 3233
Phone: (03) 5237 6403

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