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Monday, October 8, 2007

An assortment

I didn't cook much in the weekend as I was feeling lazy and uninspired. Plus I snacked a lot, ruining my appetite for proper meals.

Because I don't have any blogworthy food from the weekend, here is an assortment of photos from my week instead. Over the past week I've been trialling my brother's old mobile phone (a Sony Ericsson w800i). One thing I was really keen to try out was the camera, which is much better than the one in my Motorola.

Normally I take lunch to work, but on the days I don't, it's often sushi for lunch. My preference is for an assortment, but sometimes handrolls is all I feel like. This was handrolls and inari in the park. I love inari - that sweet tofu pocket rocks my socks. Mhmmm!

Party pies and a chocolate milkshake at the blood bank. 480ml of blood for party pies and a milkshake - yep, that's a fair trade in my books.

Another lunch - beef bulgogi bento box. I was having one of those days where I didn't know what I felt like eating. This was good for an indecisive eating mood, because all the little parts of the meal made me happy.

So far I've been happy with my brother's old phone. It's not very pretty, but it's great to have a better camera phone to take random shots - particularly for food shots! My dSLR is just too heavy to cart around unless there's a particular occasion. One day I'll invest in a point & shoot, but until then it looks like my bro's phone will do.

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